Photographing in Pohtiolampi

Rent a hide for photography 

Pohtiolampi offers great possibilities to photograph or to take videos of Ospreys from the hides around the feeding pond

There are 11 photography spots in six different hides around the Osprey pond. All hides are well equipped with wall mounted camera stands, sandbags etc. In hides 2 and 3 there are two modest beds for resting and an electric outlet for charging the camera batteries. 


The public tower offers you the chance to photograph through semi permeable glass windows free of charge. Better photos can be taken by renting one of the six (6) special photography openings available for photographing.

The special photography windows of the public tower can be rented only on site in the Osprey Center's Cafeteria, where you also will get the key for them. Instructions for photographers at the public watchtower are here.

Sääksisäätiö - Finnish Osprey Foundation

PL 71, 13211 Hämeenlinna, Finland
 +358 500 306904

Sääksikeskus - Osprey Center

Pohtiolammentie 64, 32670 Kangasala, Finland
 +358 40 528 3030