Observing on Pohtiolampi

Public Osprey Tower

The Osprey Center at Pohtiolampi provides a unique opportunity to observe ospreys and their impressive dives into the Pohtiolampi fish pond that swarms with salmon trouts. Ospreys enjoy their meals at Pohtiolampi from the end of March until mid-September, but the liveliest season takes place during late summer, from mid-July to September. Half-cloudy weather, the early hours of the day or an early evening constitute the best conditions for osprey watching. However, naturally ospreys may come and fetch the delicious salmon trouts from the pond throughout the day.

The Pohtiolampi Osprey Center has a bird-watching tower for public use. The tower allows its visitors to observe ospreys fish preying from a very close distance. The tower holds 25 people.

The Ospery tower at Pohtiolampi is also accessible for wheelchair users. The tower is an excellent visiting spot for a variety of groups, including school classes.

We also organize guided ‘Osprey Mornings’ or ‘Osprey Evenings’ by request.

Wetland Area Tower

In the spring of 2015 we opened a new wetland area on the east side of the Pohtiolammentie. At the southern end of the area is located a new bird watching tower, from where the visitors can observe birds on the area. The tower is also accessible for wheelchair users.


Pohtiolampi Osprey Center gives you an excellent opportunity to photograph or video record the magnificent preying of ospreys at their vivid food spot. Up in the public bird-watching tower, photographs can be taken through a glass. In addition, there are six rentable photography windows. There are several bird hides, designed for the use of photographers, located around the salmon pond.

The new Wetland Area Tower has ten (10) photography spots, which are accessible also for wheelchair users. You can find more information about the photographing opportunities at Pohtiolampi as well as further instructions on our Photography -page.

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