How are birds of prey being protected?

Finnish birds of prey have been the subject of research for a long time and researches now know a lot about their habits. However, they remain unknown to the public even though they are interesting and even mysterious species, the owls especially. 

The Finnish Osprey Foundation strives to affect people’s attitudes so that birds of prey would become more known. This is achieved through the Foundation’s website, social media, articles, expert statements, radio and TV programmes, lectures, exhibitions and training events.

The Foundation also aims for a future where suitable habitats and nesting places are available for birds of prey. The Osprey Foundation’s important conservation projects include:

  • annual monitoring of the nests of birds of prey and delivering of the information to the registry of the Finnish Museum of Natural History
  • cooperation with landowners and forestry operators in order to save nesting places from the felling of timber and other projects changing the environment
  • cooperation with the authorities responsible for the environment and land use
  • building of artificial nests for ospreys and other birds of prey when it is necessary and there is the forest owner’s permission for it
  • building of nesting boxes for owls and placing them in the nature with the forest owner’s permission 


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