Conserving birds of prey in Finland

Objectives of the Finnish Osprey Foundation

The Finnish Osprey Foundation is a non-profit association focused on conserving Finnish birds of prey. Its purpose is to promote the birds of prey protection, monitoring and research. The foundation raises funds that are used to support and organise the voluntary work related to birds of prey. 

How you can promote conservation of birds of prey

The elite of our birds, the birds of prey, are in trouble due to the changes occurring in their living environment. The Finnish Osprey Foundation collaborates with three hundred birds of prey ringers and many other supporters to ensure that our knowledge about birds of prey is up to date. You can support their work by donating.


Why is it important to conserve birds of prey?

In nature, the birds of prey are at the top of the food chain and they act as important indicators for the state of the environment.  There is a lot of research information about birds of prey, their habits are well-known and there is experience in conserving them. Birds of prey are also umbrella species and conserving them promotes natural diversity. 

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