Prices and instructions


Accommodation is €70/person/day, but if two people stay in the same room, the price is €50/person 

The fee for the photography site is paid online to the bank account of the Finnish Osprey Foundation after the photography date. Finnish Osprey Foundation (Sääksisäätiö) FI 285680 2720 030412 with the site reference: Bird Hides/Hight Tower/Public Osprey Tower/Wetland Tower/

Accommodation. The fee can also be paid at the Osprey Centre cafeteria during opening hours. If you have questions about the services, call Jouko Alhainen (Taigabird Oy) at the number +358 (0)40 528 3030.


Sääksisäätiö - Finnish Osprey Foundation

PL 71, 13211 Hämeenlinna, Finland
 +358 500 306904

Sääksikeskus - Osprey Center

Pohtiolammentie 64, 32670 Kangasala, Finland
 +358 40 528 3030