Prices and instructions


There are altogether six (6) bird hides for rent at Pohtiolampi. All hides are always rented to one photographer at a time. The photographer may, however, be accompanied by 1-3 fellow photographers.

To minimize the disturbance of the Ospreys, the number of the photographers in the hide is four (4) people. An exception can be made only in the case of a visitor group, such as a photography association or society. In that case, the arrangements must always be negotiated beforehand with the representatives of the Pohtiolampi Osprey Center. However, it is advisable that the reserver takes at least 1-2 photographer friends with him/her. In this way the "rest and guard shifts" can be arranged in an appropriate manner.

Sääksisäätiö - Finnish Osprey Foundation

PL 71, 13211 Hämeenlinna, Finland
 +358 500 306904

Sääksikeskus - Osprey Center

Pohtiolammentie 64, 32670 Kangasala, Finland
 +358 40 528 3030