Pohtiolampi Osprey Center

Pohtiolampi Osprey Center, maintained by the Finnish Osprey Foundation and located in Kangasala, Finland, welcomes you to observe ospreys' impressive preying of salmon trouts. The ospreys can be observed from a public bird-watching tower open to all visitors. The watchtower holds 25 people and is also accessible for wheelchair users. Up in the tower, you have the opportunity to photograph the preying taking place at the ospreys' fish catching pond just some 40 meters away.

For amateur and professional photographers, there are six rentable bird hides located around the fish pond. The bird hides allow you to take close-up shots of the ospreys' splashes and dives into the water, and also spot the grey herons, goosanders and various other animals residing in the fish pond area.

Pohtiolampi offers you a stimulating environment for holding various kinds of training, business or family-related events. Nearby is also the ancient area of Sarsa whose path network reaches all the way up to Keisarinharju. Our restaurant building has approximately 75 seats. Restaurant and tourist services are maintained by Taigabird Ltd.

Photographing hides and accommodation rental for the year 2021 starts on Sunday October 8th at 9 AM. Read the full instructions of photographing, booking and instructions -sides.


  • Helsinki 159 km
  • Hämeenlinna 60 km
  • Tampere 24 km


Sääksisäätiö - Finnish Osprey Foundation

PL 71, 13211 Hämeenlinna, Finland
 +358 500 306904

Sääksikeskus - Osprey Center

Pohtiolammentie 64, 32670 Kangasala, Finland
 +358 40 528 3030