Osprey Foundation

The Foundation financially supports the protection and research of Ospreys. The Foundation annually grants scholarships to researchers and conservation work.

Osprey Center

The Osprey Center, located at Pohtiolampi, Kangasala welcomes all to watch and photograph Ospreys. Our birdwatching towers are open for all who are interested.


Life and fishing of the Ospreys can be photographed from the towers and hides on the Pohtiolampi Osprey Center, which anyone can book for their own photographing time.

How You can help

The Osprey Foundation invokes all nature lovers - even the smallest support is always a valuable and welcome to the success and continuation of protective work on  endangered specie.

Current topics

Information to those photographers who have reserved hides in Pohtiolampi Osprey center

Due to the  decline of corona virus situation in Finland, we are ready to open hides for photographers May 15 on and hopefully all summer period. Please follow general safety instructions while visiting our Osprey Center. 

Welcome to meet Ospreys.


Osprey - Pandion haliaetus

Osprey, one of our noblest bird species, is also one of the most widely distributed species in the world. After eagles, it is our largest bird of prey. Ospreys are well known among people for the reason that they differ greatly from our other raptors in both appearance and habits. Osprey's diet consists exclusively of fish. It has an extraordinary way of preying its fish by plunging into the water straight from the air.

Sääksisäätiö - Finnish Osprey Foundation

PL 71, 13211 Hämeenlinna, Finland
 +358 500 306904

Sääksikeskus - Osprey Center

Pohtiolammentie 64, 32670 Kangasala, Finland
 +358 40 528 3030